Keto steak sauces

Whether you have tried out different diets or not, you will admit that keto steak sauces and condiments always make your food taste much better. They can be smooth and buttery, or rich, which makes them pack a major punch into any recipe you use them in.

however, a Keto diet forces you to let go of most of these sauces, since they have high sugar content that is not helpful for maintaining the state of ketosis your body is currently in. canned sauces are a huge culprit, as they are full of carbs coming from salt, sugar, preservatives and thickening agents. You might not know that sauces are easy to make at home though – and you will only need a fraction of the sugar and salt to make a major amplification of flavors.

You do not need to eat tasteless food for the sake of your health though – there are plenty of condiments that are Keto-friendly, and you can pair any of them with your meals.

Alfredo sauce 

You might have seen this one featuring in plenty of recipes, or even as a Keto-friendly substitute to the sauces or side soups that you will find in restaurants and eating joints. While it may seem like indulging yourself, but it has 2g carbs and 1g sugar at most, making it great for Keto dieters everywhere.

You can use it for a variety of foods, including protein meals, veggies, and pasta to make a more satisfying meal.

Yellow mustard

Thanks to the 1 net carb and 0g of sugar, this yellow mustard is great for the Keto diet. The strong flavor it has will also result in tasty outlooks on your preferred deli meat or bun-less burgers, even though it comes second to ketchup.

Dijon mustard

This is for you if yellow mustard proves too tame for your taste. It also happens to have 0g of sugar, as well as 0g of carbs for every serving – so you can enjoy it completely guilt free.


In many cases, you will go to a restaurant or fast food joint and request that there be no mayo on your food – because they use full-fat mayonnaise that is considered a trap. However, the olive oil varieties of mayo are actually good for a Keto dieter, as they have 0g of sugars and 0g of carbs for every Tbsp. the olive oil version will also add monosaturated fatty acids to your diet, and excellent idea for your dietary intake.

Ketchup (but without sugar alcohols or added sugars)

To many people, ketchup might seem insignificant at first glance. However, most of them have additional sugars or sugar alcohols, and the net carbs are more than 1g for each serving.

When shopping for ketchups, always look for those that do not have added sugar alcohols or sugars, and their sugars and carb content must be 1g or less. This will allow you to indulge the cravings you likely have without sabotaging your health goals.

Buffalo hot sauce

This is similar to hot sauce, as it is bursting with flavors and is friendly to Keto dieters. It also works very well with protein dishes, and has zero sugar and carb content.

Sriracha mayonnaise

This is a flavored mayo type, but it is highly delicious. It is slightly different from flavored mayo since it has 1g of sugar and carbs – note that regular sriracha comes with 3g of sugar and carbs – so you are in luck if you happen to be a sriracha lover.

Flavored mayonnaise

If you are a huge fan of mayo, then there is some good news for you – it comes in many flavors, and all these have impressive stats of 0g carbs and sugar for each serving. Some of the flavors include chipotle and roasted garlic, so you are sure to find something that fits your tastes well.

Hot sauce

If you happen to be among the fans of hot sauce, then you are a lucky Keto dieter. The sauce has 0g of sugar and 0g of carbs, so you can add it guilt free to your food as much as you want.

Oil-based salad dressing

The problem with numerous oil dressings (at least the commercial ones) is the unnecessary sugars and carbs that are part of their ingredient list. Therefore, always be careful when buying them, and look for simple dressings that only contain herbs, oil and vinegar to add some extra flavor and nutrients to your food.

These simple varieties also have 0g of sugars and carbs, so you can put as much as you like in your food without worrying about carbs or your Keto diet goals.

Creamy salad dressings

The good thing about creamy dressings is their ability to enhance the flavor of your food without interfering with the Keto process. You can work with any of them, including blue cheese and ranch flavors.

You can also get them in form of traditional flavors, an instance being garlic parmesan ranch. This gives you the freedom to mix different flavors and see what you will get. With all of them having less than 1g of carbs and sugar for each serving, they will work great to top your dishes or use as dips.


This is a topping that is comprised of oils, spices and herbs – so it is a very healthy option. It also happens to have 2g of carbs and less than 1g of sugars for each serving. This topping makes an interesting yet tasty addition to poultry, steak and seafood.


This sauce is a classic feature of Greek food, and it also makes a good Keto-friendly addition to your plate. It also has less than 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar for every serving, and it will add a unique flavor without too much carbs. In fact, you will even find some varieties including Greek yogurt for extra protein.

Final thoughts Keto steak sauces

Just because you are on a Keto diet, does not mean you cannot enjoy adding great flavors to your food. Thanks to these additions, you can now enjoy your meals because they taste great, and do not have extra carbs with Keto steak sauces.

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