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If you have ever wondered whether Atkins bars keto are friendly for your Keto diet, your concern is valid. After all, not all protein bars out there are the best options when you are trying to fulfill strict dietary demands.

There are many options out there, which you will likely find at your local grocery store or supermarket, but very few of these choices are actually low carb friendly – even if they are granola. While Atkins bars might not seem like they fit your dietary plan (you might think they are only good for those on the Atkins diet), they might be a valid answer to the question of what bars you can take.

However, before delving into it, it is important to know what makes a protein bar good enough to be consumed on a low carb diet such as Keto.

What makes up a protein bar? – Atkins bars Keto

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not have a clear definition on what protein bars are, but there are several characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Sufficient levels of protein that replicate small meals (usually 15 to 20g)
  • Calorie and portion control
  • More than 20 minerals and vitamins that are at ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ levels
  • Small fat amounts to help you stay full
  • Fiber that balances out carbs

Therefore, even though these bars should not be your main meal source, they should give you the following benefits:

  • Good protein levels – ideally 15 to 25g
  • Satisfactory Carb and fiber counts – you want something with as few carbs as possible, but sufficient levels of fiber to help you stay full (at least 5g)
  • Check the bar for sugar alcohols and sugars – these include glucose, agave, brown sugar, invert sugar, fruit juice concentrate. Honey, maple syrup, malt syrup, raw sugar, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, molasses, crystal dextrose, and evaporated cane juice. The bar must not contain more than 5g of any sugar or sugar alcohol, despite how good these names sound.
  • Fat count – on a Keto diet, fats are the main energy source. Therefore, the bar must not have low-quality oils and fats such as corn, canola, peanut, soybean, Trans, or fully/partially hydrogenated fats. Higher quality fats that must be present include coconut butter, coconut, nut butters, ghee, and butter, and the fat count must be 5 to 10g at least.

From this information, it is rather obvious that the protein bar you will work with must have low carb counts, and that does not mean sugar alcohols make them valid. Here are some inherent problems with Maltitol, for instance:

  • Maltitol raises the levels of blood sugar, which inevitably raises the levels of insulin
  • Atkins uses this sweetener in some of their products, which I a major problem if you are on Keto.

While this is a major issue, the good news is that most of the bars you will get are Keto friendly. You will need to carefully note the ingredients, so that you do not accidentally kick your body off ketosis.

The Atkins bars Keto to eat

Keto bar Calories (per bar) Protein (g) Fiber (g) Sugar (g)
Almond coconut protein bar 200 15 10 2
Mocha almond Keto bar 190 15 11 2
Peanut fudge granola Keto bar 210 16 8 1
Chocolate chip granola Keto bar 200 17 7 1
Chocolate peanut butter Keto bar 250 16 12 2


Almond coconut protein bar

The flavor profile overall, is made up of chunks of almonds mixed with coconut. You will find a chocolate-like coating at the bottom, but this is very light and the flavor is not very strong anyway. In fact, the bar does not taste like a protein bar that much, which is interesting considering the flavors it incorporates.

The bar does not contain artificial colors, and the ingredients are all simple and delicious. They include creamy almond butter, toasted coconut, and crunchy almonds.

Mocha almond protein bar

This might not sound appealing if you are not a huge fan of coffee, but give it a try – you might be surprised with the outcome. It does not bear any similar tastes to conventional protein bars, and tastes really good especially when you pair it with a cup of coffee.

Just like the previous protein bar, the ingredients in use here are all simple and natural. They include mocha flavor, crunchy almond pieces, and coconut oil.

Peanut fudge granola protein bar

The good news is that this is as natural as the other picks on the list – in addition to not containing sugar alcohols or artificial colors. The ingredients include peanuts, and the bar actually has the least carb count even when compared to the other protein bars.

Note that this one might be messier than the others, as the outer coating is in the wrapper and can melt into it if the bar is subjected to hot conditions. The taste is also typical of a granola bar.

Chocolate chip granola Keto bar

The ingredients are as simple as the other picks in the list, featuring almonds and crunchy rolled oats (which is also why the protein count is high). The ingredients do not include any sugar alcohols or artificial colors, yet remain delicious.

Because of the high protein composition, this bar will have a typical aftertaste that you will get from the usual protein bar. However, the consistency is similar to that of a granola bar, so it can be a good choice if you are missing some crunchiness.

Chocolate peanut butter Keto bar

This is the tastiest of all the bars on this list, and comes with the highest fiber count – so you are sure you will feel full after eating it. It does have a protein bar consistency on its inner layers, and has the most fat and calories when compared to the other protein bars. The ingredients include roasted peanuts, chocolate coating, and creamy peanut butter.


Some of the Atkins peanut butter bars are great for you if you are on a Keto diet, and they have plenty of great flavors too. There are alternatives to these bars as well, and they are great for a quick snack.

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