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If there is one thing you should know about American eating habits, it’s that there is an undying love for chicken and poultry products in general at Boston Market Keto. In fact, a recent study from a few years ago showed that chicken was the most consumed meat in the United States, surpassing beef, and the trend is not reversing any time soon – at least not from what trends are showing.  

What is the reason for this? Well, it is much cheaper to prepare and buy chicken compared to beef. While the Keto diet demands that beef be consumed in plenty, there is no harm in eating chicken – in fact, it is even great for the Keto diet. Boston Market is a perfect example of a place that makes good chicken, and they have quite the reputation to do so. They have several other meats in their stock, which include turkey and ribs, as well as salads and meatloaf. 

They even have an extensive guide for their meals on their website, although the major disadvantage here is that it is not customizable. However, you can still find something worth eating, as we have compiled in this list. 

Tips to eating at Boston Market Keto

Make a plan 

When eating out, it is very easy to be carried away by the food choices and general ambience of where you are. Prevent this from happening by having a plan before getting there, so that what others are eating will not distract you. It also helps to have a light Keto snack before you go dining at this establishment to reduce the chances of getting there when you are starving. 

It is best to stick with salads 

Salads are the best option to get you through the dayEven though the establishment does not offer many salads, it always comes in a big bowl and you can have as much as you want.  

What to order 

The ultimate choice of what you order here will be dependent on what you want and need, which is why checking the website and planning in advance is best. If you decide to wing it, it is very easy to get derailed because of all the tasty food in front of you. 

boston market keto sides

Chicken options 

the chicken is the main reason many people decide to eat at Boston Market – after all, it was known for its chicken selections before anything else, although they will have you covered whether you are a fan of red or white meat. Here are some Keto-friendly options to order and their calorie counts: 

Chicken meal  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Half Rotisserie chicken  1  70  24 
Quarter white rotisserie chicken  0  43  11 
Quarter white rotisserie chicken, skinless (it contains more carbs though, unfortunately)  1  40  5 
Quarter dark rotisserie chicken (includes one drumstick and one thigh)  1  27  13 
Three pieces of dark rotisserie chicken  1  37  16 
Three pieces dark rotisserie chicken (includes one drumstick and two thighs)  1  43  23 
Roasted herbs and garlic, white quarter chicken   4  44  20 
Roasted herbs and garlic half chicken  4  71  33 
Roasted herbs and garlic quarter dark chicken (includes two drumsticks and one thigh)  4  38  26 
Roasted herb and garlic quarter dark chicken (includes one drumstick and two thighs)  4  44  33 

Meatloaf and low carb ribs 

There are plenty of Keto eaters that love red meat, or the prospect of eating chicken might not seem as appealing. You do not need to worry though, as this establishment has a number of options for you. They include: 

Meal pick  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Rotisserie prime ribs  0  55  47 
Regular meatloaf  15  26  33 
St. Louis style BBQ ribs, ¼   12  21  32 

It is important to note a few things when ordering these: 

  • In the case of the meatloaf, the carb count is a little high, but it should not interfere with your diet recommendations if it is your sole splurge of that day. Just be sure not to make it a habit or consume too much of it. In addition, you need to know that it does contain some allergens such as eggs, as well as wheat. 
  • For the St. Louis style BBQ, the sauce that comes with it is slightly sugary, although this will not interfere with your Keto diet requirements. Just make sure to closely monitor the rest of your carb intake for the day after eating it. 

Turkey options 

If you are not feeling pork, chicken or beef, there are still some turkey choices to go with. They have two options in the turkey section, which are: 

Turkey meal  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Large turkey breast  0.5  42  6 
Regular turkey breast  0.5  30  4.5 

Sauces and side dishes  

When you are on a Keto diet, it is very important to consume as much low-carb vegetables as possible to make up for any deficiencies in the diet. Many of the orders you will get will come with side dishes, with the best ones being listed below: 

Choice of side dish  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Green beans  4  1  5 
Fresh steamed vegetables (great option for extra micronutrients and fiber)  4  2  3.5 
Creamed spinach  8  9  15 
1 oz. of Beef Au Jus  2  0  0 
One packet of Tartar sauce  1  0  4.5 
1 oz. of Poultry gravy  2  0  0 
1 oz. of Beef gravy  2  0  0 

What to avoid 

boston market nutrition

The selection does not leave much room for what you should avoid, but here are two foods to pass: 

  • Zesty Barbeque sauce – this is 10 net carbs, and all of these are from the sugar in the sauce. Highly avoidable. 
  • Horseradish – if the rest of your meal is nearing zero net carbs, then you can eat a bit of this. If not, then give it a hard pass (it has a high net carb count compared to other soups, coming in at 6 net carbs).


Boston market is a nice establishment to get all your protein needs, but as with all other eating out scenarios, it is best to not make it a habit. 

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