Buffalo Wild Wings or as most of the people call it B-Dubs has very overpriced wings. However, it’s all worth it as most of the people go there for an atmosphere like to watch football games. Also, you can not deny the fact that their wings are pretty good. Probably you think that B-Dubs has started in Buffalo, but you are wrong. The first location was opened in Columbus. The reason why it took off was the location. It was near the university campus.

If your friends go over to watch the big game while you’re on Keto, no worries you can go too and eat there.


buffalo wild wings keto


How To Order Buffalo Wild Wings Keto

Stay off Boneless Wings – I know that it was your best dish, but if you want to be on keto and still hang out with your friends at B-dubs you should completely avoid them. The reason for that is that they are breaded and have 113 net carbs even at medium size and without sauce.

Order Traditional Wings –  You can eat any size of the traditional wings, but if you are tracking macros be careful as they are added up quickly. When I go at B-Dubs, I limit myself to 10 traditional wings. That is just my preference, you can go up to 30 per day.

Here are the carbs of some different flavors of traditional wings (buffalo wild wings keto)

Traditional Wings (Small Size)

  • Hot Sauce 3g
  • Mild Sauce 2g
  • Wild Sauce 3g
  • Medium Sauce 2g
  • Blazin Sauce 3g

Traditional Wings (Medium Size)

  • Hot Sauce 5g
  • Mild Sauce 3g
  • Wild Sauce 5g
  • Medium Sauce 3g
  • Blazin Sauce 4g

Traditional Wings (Large Size)

  • Hot Sauce 4g
  • Mild Sauce 4g
  • Wild Sauce 6g
  • Medium Sauce 4g
  • Blazin Sauce 5g

Order a Burger (No Bun) – When you order a burger as a main dish, you won’t be bothered to eat other foods, which are not keto friendly. Another good thing of ordering a burger is that you can customize it to meet your needs.

From meat, you can order Burger Patty (0g carbs) or Chicken Breast (1g carbs).

From cheese, you have a lot of varieties like Cheddar (0g carbs), Swiss (0g), American (2g).

From toppings you can order Lettuce (0g carbs), Mayo (0g carbs), Red Onion (0g carbs, or Mushroom (4g carbs).

Drinks – I know you will be very tempted to order alcohol when you visit B-dubs. However, if you want to be loyal to keto, you must avoid it at all cost. You should stick to water, diet soda, or if you are not very strict on Keto you can try low-carb alcohol. Also, they have a sugar-free Redbull.

Salads – Burger is very tasty when it is combined with salads, you can’t deny that. However, you can use salad on the side with wings too.

You can try

Chicken Caesar Salad (15 net carbs)

Side Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Santa Fe Salad

Foods To Avoid While On Keto At Buffalo Wild Wings

From Wings

  • Mini corn dogs
  • Roasted garlic mushrooms
  • Buffalo chips
  • Beer-battered onion rings
  • Chicken quesadilla
  • All-star sampler

From Burgers

  • Cheese curd bacon burger
  • Nacho burger

From Salads, you should avoid the buffalo chicken salad.

Sum It UP

So if you thought that eating out is impossible you were wrong. However, you should be more careful than someone that is not in keto. Buffalo Wild Wings also offers the nutrition guide for the public. And also another nutrition and allergen guide.

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