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If you are thinking of getting some quick eating out meal with friends or family at Cracker barrel low carb menu, or you just decided to treat yourself for some special occasion, the prospect of looking for a restaurant is exciting. That is, until you embark on sticking to a Keto diet or low carb diet, and the process becomes tedious.

The good news is that many restaurants are now adapting to the healthy eating habits of many, and are incorporating more healthy menus in their lineup. Among these restaurants is Cracker Barrel, which offers great food that takes you back to the simpler times of American history.

They are also famous for the dumplings and chicken that feature very heavily, so you will not have much trouble getting something you will like. If you want, you can check their website for more information on what you can order when you get there.

What to expect with Cracker barrel low carb menu

Check the menu before coming here

The restaurant has its roots in the southern state of Tennessee, and all southern states have one thing in common – the use of very heavy side dishes like dumplings, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  The good news is that you can get low carb options like boiled cabbage and steamed broccoli, but you must be careful to avoid ordering the wrong things and messing up your diet.

The locations are open from 6 AM to 10 PM, which means you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner here. You can also get a light menu that features foods with less calories, although customization is necessary.

Get their breakfast

Cracker barrel will provide their breakfast options the whole day, and this is the easiest way to have a low carb meal. Just order some cheese, bacon and eggs, and you will be fine.

The best option is getting over-easy eggs or an omelet, as scrambled eggs are likely to contain milk (this makes them soft and fluffy). Include some low carb vegetables in the order such as onions, spinach, and mushrooms.

Do not eat their daily specials

It is likely you will get a separate menu that has daily specials when you visit a Cracker Barrel location. While they might be good deals, it is not worth it because they do not have the low carb foods that you need for your diet.

The specials are also premade, which means that the order will not be customized (likely). These picks include chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes and meatloaf, as well as fish fry – none of which are low in carbs.

What should you order?

Like mentioned above, the breakfast option can be the default if nothing else works here.  If that is not appealing enough, you can select some entrees, which can also work as well.


Always choose the everyday favorites on the breakfast menu, and avoid the others like sides and pancakes.

What to order What to hold Extras/substitutes to ask for
The Cracker Barrel’s country boy breakfast Gravy, hash browns, grits, strawberry jam, buttermilk biscuits
Grandma’s sampler Fried apples, hash browns, pancakes Bacon/sausages
Double meat breakfast Hash browns, grits, strawberry jam, gravy, buttermilk biscuits
Smokehouse breakfast Hash browns, grits, strawberry jam, gravy, buttermilk biscuits
Double meat breakfast Hash browns, grits, strawberry jam, gravy, buttermilk biscuits
Uncle Herschel’s favorite Hash browns, grits, strawberry jam, gravy, buttermilk biscuits Eight ounce steak
Good morning breakfast Grits, fruit (if you are a Keto dieter)
Sausage or Bacon, and one egg Jam, biscuits


What to order What to hold Substitutes/extras
Grilled chicken salad Dressing, croutons, deviled eggs Vinegar and oil dressing, hard-boiled eggs
Chef salad House, above Above
House salad Croutons Vinegar and oil dressing
Southern grilled chicken Caesar Croutons , deviled eggs Hard boiled eggs
Lemon pepper grilled rainbow trout Corn muffins, biscuits Steamed broccoli or side salad
Prime rib French dip sandwich platter Horseradish and au jus sauces, bun, coleslaw, fries Side salad
Chicken BLT Fried chicken, bread, coleslaw, fries Grilled chicken, side salad
Chicken tenderloin Fried chicken, sides Grilled chicken, side salad with vinegar and oil dressing, side steamed broccoli
Fresh apple slices and seasonal fresh fruit (not for Keto dieters though)


What to order What to avoid/hold Substitutes/extras
Broccoli cheddar chicken Cheese sauce Shredded cheese, side salad or steamed broccoli
Grilled pork chops Country vegetables, corn muffin, biscuits Side salad or steamed broccoli
Bacon burger and maple jam Bun, maple onion jam, coleslaw, fries Side salad
Signature burger Mayo, bun, coleslaw, fries Side salad, patties
Roast beef dinner gravy Side salad or steamed broccoli
Grilled sirloin steak Sides Steamed broccoli, vinegar and oil dressing
Ten ounce rib eye steak Sides Steamed broccoli, vinegar and oil dressing
Hickory smoked country ham Steamed broccoli or side salad with vinegar and oil dressing
Half pound hamburger steak Steamed broccoli or side salad with vinegar and oil dressing

Foods to stay away from

These are the toughest options to customize, so you are better off avoiding them entirely.

Meal What to avoid What it contains
Breakfast Sunrise sampler Hash browns, gravy, fried apples, strawberry jam, biscuits, and grits
Old timer’s breakfast Biscuits, fried apples, hash browns, strawberry jam, gravy, grits
Grandpa’s country fried breakfast Everything that is not low-carb
Country morning breakfast Too many carbs
All French toast and pancake dishes
Fresh start sampler Muffin, granola, fruit, yogurt
Apple and cinnamon oatmeal
Fresh fruit and yogurt parfait
Hash brown casserole or fried apples with biscuits and meat
Biscuits and two eggs Biscuits (substitute with meat)
Egg sandwich Grits and biscuits
Biscuits, fried apples, hash browns
Gravy and biscuits
Hash brown casserole or fried apples with sausage or bacon
Sweetened tea or coffee, milk, juices
Dinner and lunch Apple cider BBQ chicken breast
Fried chicken salad Dressing and croutons (substitute with grilled chicken salad)
Mashed potatoes and meatloaf
Baked chicken and dressing
Fish fry
Turkey and dressing
Pot pie
Chicken and rice
Home-style chicken
Country fried steak
Cracker barrel sampler
Open faced roast beef sandwich Gravy and bread
Fried chicken livers
Chicken fried chicken
Sugar cured ham
Country fried shrimp
Farm-raised catfish
Desserts (all)
Soups (all)
Sides of macaroni, beans, cheese, corn or starch-filled vegetables


While there are plenty of options you can explore here, there are also plenty of things you should avoid. Cracker Barrel is a great place for a low carb diet, but you must look at their nutritional aspect before you head there.

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