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When you are on a diet, there are numerous things you have to sacrifice for the sake of your health. One of the most painful things to let go is your favorite desserts and ice creams, and you are probably frustrated that you might never be able to enjoy them again. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Keto diet, since you are basically cutting out all high-carb foods and snacks from your diet. Wellexcept in this case. If you love ice creams but are constantly frustrated by the thought of making homemade ice cream, this article will probably come as a positive answer.  

Halo Keto top is clearly marketed as the exception, as they offer plenty of ice creams that are both tasty and low carb, so that you do not need to let go of your favorite foods – as long as you eat it once in a while. However, is that really the case? Read on to find out more on this establishment, as well as whether its ice creams are really worth it. 

What exactly is Halo Top Keto? 

Halo Top is among the eating joints that have come up in recent years, and apparently offers low sugar, low-carb, and high protein ice cream. That claim alone sounds strange, since ice cream is associated with empty calories and high sugar content. They have a variety of ice cream flavors in their menu, which include toasted coconut, birthday cake, pancakes and waffles, as well as chocolate chip cookie dough. 

When you compare it to the more well-known ice cream stores such as Ben and Jerry’s though, Halo Top will come out as the winner. not only do they use a quarter of the sugar, fat and calories that other ice cream brands use, but also have three times as much protein and the use of stevia in the place of sugar to sweeten the product. 

The mission of the company is to give consumers a healthier way to enjoy ice cream, thanks to the 280 to 360 calories for every pint of ice cream. The ingredients also happen to be Keto friendly. 

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In addition, another sweetener that is used us erythritol, which is Keto-friendly and very popular among low-carb dieters (it is naturally found in pears and grapes)The use of skim milk in place of whole fat and cream makes their ice cream have lower fat and calories content. In addition, vegetarians and vegans will enjoy the dairy-free ice cream in their selection. 

If you decide to order an entire pint of ice cream, for instance, you will only have consumed about 280 to 360 calories, and only two grams of fat. Just like with any other fast food or dessert though, you need to be careful about eating these quantities of ice cream – you need to balance it out with Keto-friendly foods and limit the ice cream intake to once in a while.  

Other ingredients include high fat cocoa, eggs, organic cane sugar, sea salt, glycerin, organic carob gum, prebiotic fiber, organic guar gum, and organic stevia leaf extract. Howeverthe overall consensus on this ice cream is not clear, as Keto diet experts and nutritionists are still half-and-half about the whole thing. 

What makes Erythritol and stevia Keto-friendly? 

Just because you are on the Keto diet, does not mean things have to be tasteless. These two sweeteners are a classic example of that, as they are both sugar-free, while being low in carbs and also on the glycemic index. 

In the purest form, stevia ranks zero on the glycemic index and contains zero calories. You might think otherwise because it is so much sweeter than regular sugar, and when used in the Halo Top ice cream, it tastes just like normal ice cream would. However, it will not lead to the familiar feeling of bloating or spikes in blood sugar, unlike regular sugar – certain studies have actually shown it improves your blood sugar levels. 

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Erythritol is also zero on the glycemic index, although it has 0.24 calories for every gram (this is about 6% of the total calories found in a gram of regular sugar). It is also classified as a sugar alcohol, but it does not lead to stress in the digestive system after consumption, unlike most sugar alcohols. 

What are the best flavors to get? 

Since all the flavors available have similar ingredients, you will notice that the breakdown reveals very similar facts. Most of them, for instance, will contain two or three grams of fat, 70 to 90 calories for every serving, and five grams of carbs. halo top keto

However, there are some differencesIf you are on a Keto diet, the best flavor you can get is the Peanut Butter cup (dairy free), while Dairy-free Cinnamon Roll is the worst. In addition, most of the flavors will have a dairy-free alternative, just in case you might not be dairy-tolerant. 

Here is a short ranking on all of them, from the worst to the best. Note that the ones with a significantly high carb count also have gluten in them, and ordering them is rather easy considering they are available at numerous grocery stores. 

Dairy flavors 

Ice cream flavor  Calories   Fat (g)  Protein (g)  Net carbs 
Cinnamon roll (has gluten)  90  3  5  15 
Chocolate chip cookie dough (has gluten)  90  3  5  14 
Mochi green tea (has gluten)  80  2  5  14 
Red velvet (has gluten)  90  3  5  13 
Sea salt caramel  80  2.5  5  13 
Chocolate   80  2.5  5  11 
Peanut butter  80  2.5  5  11 
Mint chip  80  3  5  11 
Strawberry   70  2  5  11 
Black cherry  70  2  5  11 
Lemon cake  70  2  5  11 
Oatmeal cookie  70  2  5  12 
Vanilla bean  70  2  5  11 
Birthday cake  70  2  5  11 

Dairy-free flavors (from worst to best) 

Flavor   Calories   Fat (g)  Protein (g)  Net carbs 
Chocolate chip cookie dough (has gluten)  90  4  3  14 
Cinnamon roll (has gluten)  90  3.5  3  13 
Pancakes and waffles (has gluten)  80  3  3  12 
Chocolate covered banana   80  3  3  12 
Caramel macchiato  80  3  3  12 
Candy bar  90  4.5  3  12 
Oatmeal cookie  70  3  3  11 
Toasted coconut  80  4  3  11 
Vanilla maple  70  2.5  3  10 
Birthday cake  70  3  3  10 
Chocolate   70  3  3  10 
Peanut butter  80  4  3  10 

Based on all the information available, the safest options for both dairy and non-dairy flavors is strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon cake. 

While most of their ingredients are better than what you would get in the typical ice cream, it does not mean you are free to eat the ice cream as much as you want. There are ingredients that are not the most Keto-friendly, such as organic cane sugar, and skim milk. If you eat this ice cream a few times every week, that is enough to prevent you from maintain a state of ketosis, and you revert back to glucose burning. 

To put it in perspective, here is a breakdown of a half-cup serving size: 

  • Fiber – 2g 
  • Carbs – 13g 
  • Sugar alcohols – 5g 
  • Sugars – 6g 
  • Fat – 2/5g 
  • Protein – 5g 
  • Net carbs – 11g 
  • Calories – 80 

From the breakdown, it is easy to see that the organic cane sugar and skim milk are not the best ingredients for a Keto diet, since they have very high carbohydrate levels. While 11g of carbs is not the worst in the case of an ice cream, it is worth noting that it is mainly empty calories which you could have used better through other aspects of your diet. 

For instance, a handful of berries will give you the same amount of carbs, but the carbs are combined with antioxidants that have anti-inflammation properties. In addition, consider that you can make your own ice cream at home if you want to have the benefits without risking your long term health.  

will halo top kick me out of keto

The addition of skim milk is also highly unnecessary, at least when you think about it critically. Not only foes it increase the chances of inflammation, but also has sugars in it, making it less than ideal for Keto dieters. The hidden carbohydrates are also a point of concern, as evident through the presence of sugar alcohols. Considering ice cream is a point of weakness for many people, you might have your struggles in trying to control your total intake – and for this reason, it might be wiser to avoid it entirely. 

What makes Keto dieters unsure about it? 

The Keto diet is one unique take on eating, and training your body new ways on deriving its energy. In a perfect world, you could eat every spoonful of ice cream you want and still remain in ketosis even the next day – however, reality is different and demands that you make sacrifices. That is likely why this claim of ‘low sugar’ ice cream is strange. 

Keto dieting demands that you shift your entire eating regiment, and incorporate more fats and protein, all while eliminating carbohydrates from your diet almost entirely. In the long term, this forces the body to stop getting its energy from carbohydrates (the default energy source) to fat. That also means that taking sugary treats is out of the question – including ice cream. 

When you have establishments such as Halo Top Keto, it brings a load of confusion because you are not exactly sure. Ideally, a Keto dieter must have a maximum of 10% of their total daily food consumption being carbohydrates. When you consider the ingredients that are contained in ice creams and other sugary treats and fruits, you easily surpass this carbohydrate limit for the day. 

However, if you are able to discipline yourself and limit yourself to only one serving, you will likely leave room for consuming another healthy carb for your day. Therefore, the short answer is yes – you can indulge in the ice cream once I a while, but you must only limit yourself to one serving in order to maintain ketosis. 

In addition, remember that there is not one Keto diet plan that every Keto dieter follows – there are other considerations and adjustments that will happen for each person. On the standard diet plan, you can only consume a maximum of 20 to 50 carbs to maintain ketosis. However, there are some specific Keto variations that include: 

  • CKD or Cyclical Keto Diet – this follows the typical approach to Keto dieting for five days, and then two days immediately afterwards where the person eats carb-heavy foods, and the process returns back to low-carb food. This approach works best if you are an extremely active person, as the priority here is to replace your glycogen stores through carbs, and this gives your body strength to power through intense training. 
  • TKD, or Targeted Keto Diet – if you are an active person that requires more carbs to sustain your body strength during a workout session, then this is the best choice. This approach allows you to take an extra 20 to 50 grams of carbs an hour before and after the exercise window you are working in. 

The most important thing is to find a plan that works for you, and stick to it to allow you to maximize on the benefits of ketosis. When it comes to this ice cream compared to other treats, you are also better off getting these Keto-friendly treats, such as Nui cookies, F-Bomb pouches, and ChocoPerfection. They taste good, but have better nutritional content in the long term. 


At the end of the day, you might wonder whether it is worth it trying to get Keto-friendly ice cream. While you need to limit your intake as much as you can, Halo Top is a great place to start when you are seeking to clean up your diet and make better choices in terms of the food you eat. However, it may not be the best decision when you are a strict Keto dieter, or when you struggle to discipline yourself regarding your intake.  

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