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You might be familiar with In N Out restaurant franchise, one of the most famous eateries to ever come out of California – especially if you have friends or people around you who are huge burger aficionados. It deserves this reputation for good reason; the food is great, the menu is simple, and the prices are relatively affordable at In N Out Low Carb Options.

However, this advantage is not only for burger lovers – it extends to their Keto options. If you find yourself in a hurry for some reason, the In N Out Keto choices ensure you can get a low carb, cheap meals quickly. The main trick here is to figure out how to customize your burger and make it as Keto-friendly as possible.

Something to note

Just as with other eating out options, regularly getting fast food or eating out is not advisable when you are on a Keto diet, because you do not know what is going into your food. In addition, the food will be likely be cooked in vegetable oil, which leads to inflammation – so save the eating out options for emergencies and special occasions only.

What should I order For In N Out Low Carb Options?


The problem with this eatery is that there are only three burger varieties on their menu, although this also means you will not be stressed out with trying to choose one among a large variety of things. The good thing about their beef is that it is 100% American in origin, and does not have extra preservatives, fillers or additives.

The best way to get around this is by ordering your burgers without the sauce or bun. Instead of the bun you can request them to warp to burger in lettuce wrapping, or just get the normal burger, throw away the bun, and eat the insides. Because you are following a Keto diet, the most important parts to eat are the cheese, meat and low carb vegetables.

Here are our tips on ordering the different burgers at this establishment.


This is the most popular option you will get on the menu, and comes with two beef patties, a bun, a sauce, tomatoes, and two slices of American cheese, lettuce, as well as grilled or fresh onions. For your diet, you can eat all of these ingredients except the sauce and bun.

The main description of this modification on their website is ordering it as ‘protein style’, which they will know they should wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun. If you order it this way, you will not be tempted to eat the bun anyway, which is good news to help you stick to your diet.


This is the second choice you have, and it contains one slice of American cheese, a bun, onions, one beef patty, tomatoes, sauce and lettuce. Just like in the Double-Double, you will need to remove the sauce and bun to maintain your diet plan.

In case you do not feel satisfied with one beef patty, you can ask them to double your meat. In fact, the website even specifies that you can request for a 4×4 or 3×3, which means you get either four or three beef patties. Just make sure that you specify that they do not add sauce.


This is basically the same as a cheeseburger in terms of the ingredients, except that it does not have the American cheese. Just like the other two options above, you should avoid the sauce and bun.

However, the lack of cheese might make it hard to satisfy you in case you are very hungry, so you can opt for the cheeseburger or Double-Double instead. If you have an additional snack to help keep you full throughout, then this is a great choice to eat.

Note that regardless of the burger you order, the net calorie count is still the same, although you can skip the tomato and onions to get slightly less net carbs. You can also get up to four burgers in the form of one ‘sandwich’ (this is in the case of ordering hamburgers). Even though it might not be the friendliest option in terms of your health, the point here is that you have the flexibility of options depending on your needs.

Summary of breakdown of calories in the ingredients

Burger type

Net carbs

Protein (grams)

Fat (grams)














If you find it very difficult to resist a drink, then you can go for coffee, unsweetened iced tea, water, or tea. There is also lemonade on offer, which is about 2 net carbs if you take the 12 oz. option.

What to keep in mind

Regardless of the burger that you order, you can make it into a combo – but because you are on a diet, it is not advisable to do so. The worst thing about combos is the additional foods that come with it – fries, a drink, and the burger itself. None of these are good news for your diet, so you should always remember to maintain eating the sauce less and bun less burgers.

There is no salad option either, unlike other restaurant offering. In case you want the extra veggies though, you can ask them to add lettuce to get some extra nutrients from your food. This is a good thing ultimately, because you have full control over what you end up eating, and the spreads that end up on your burgers.

Aside from the sauce and buns, make sure to avoid the sweetened beverages like Diet soda, and milkshakes, since they are not good news for your Keto diet.

Final thoughts

If you are on a Keto diet and want to enjoy your burger without feeling guilty about it, then In N Out Keto is a great choice for your snacking. However, like with all options of eating out, it is best to not make it a habit because it can sabotage your progress – make sure to limit it to a few times a month. This is particularly because burgers are still fast food, and no healthy diet has them in abundance.

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