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You would like to eat out with your friends once in a while, but you are on a diet. We understand your frustration since it becomes very tricky trying to get the restaurant that will fit your specifications of what you want to eat without sabotaging your progress to living healthy. 

There is some good news though. If you are following a Keto diet, consider it among the most restaurant-friendly diets out there, since it is very realistic and only requires that you cut out vegetables or snacks with high carb content. It still needs discipline though, since you are self-policing and knowing what you should eat and what to avoid. Not many restaurants will even give you discounts, just because you refused to eat that croissant or bun that came with your food. 

However, there is one restaurant that has a different approach – Jersey Mike’s. They are the inventors of ‘sub-in-a-tub’, where you can order all the inner fillings of sandwiches, but without the buns. You then get them in form of a salad within a bowl, and the price is less than that of a typical sandwich. This makes them very easy to manage, since the restaurant makes things so much easier on your end. 

At the end of the day, it is always good to be prepared in advance for what you are ordering, and the restaurant website has all the information you need on their meals. 

What you can order At Jersey Mike’s Keto

You still need to remember that this is a fast food restaurant, so you will need to stick to the subs to increase the effectiveness of your diet plan. One major favorite for Keto dieting is their cold subs, which have fewer carbs than the hot subs such as BBQ beef (one serving contains up to 38g of carbs). 

Sub-in-a-tub options 

Sub-in-a-tub varieties  What it contains  Net nutrients 
Roast beef and provolone (best for fresh ingredients)  Fresh roast beef, lettuce leaves, provolone. make sure to go with vinegar dressing though, as the vegetable servings may prove too much for you  690 cals (50g fat, 9g net carbs, 47g protein) 
Philly type   Steak, peppers, onion filling, American cheese, lettuce  695 cals (55g fat, 11g net carbs, 35g protein) 
BLT (best for maintaining high carb-fat ratio, best lunch)  Sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and bacon. Opt for vinegar and olive oil dressing  1005 cals (102g fat, 6g net carbs, 12g protein) 
Famous chicken Philly cheese steak (most popular option)  Onions, pepper, chicken, melted American cheese, lettuce. Reduce the dressing though.  655 cals (49g fat, 13g carbs, 37g protein) 


All options below have 0g of fiber. 

What to order  Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Cheese, egg and pork rolls  440  4  30  16 
Cheese, bacon and egg  340  3  23  26.5 
Cheese, egg and sausage  69-0  3  35  60 
Cheese,, egg and ham  290  4  28  18.5 
Cheese, egg and steak  380  3  39  23.5 
Omelet with ham  310  3  27  5 
Omelet with bacon  400  2  28  30.5 
Omelet with bacon and ham  430  3  33  31.5 
Cheese and pork roll  350  3  19  28.5 
Cheese and egg  220  3  17  15.5 
Cheese, egg and turkey  160  0  16  9.5 

Dinner and lunch choices 

Aside from the sub-in-a-tub varieties that work well for lunches and dinners, there are quite a number of other options you can eat in case you are not feeling them as much. Keep in mind that you can also add extra meat or cheese if you are hungry.  

Along with their calorific value, they include: 

Food  Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Club sub (with extra meat and cheese)  270  1  26  17.5 
Club supreme (with extra meat and cheese)  300  0  31  19 
Stickball special (extra meat and cheese)  180  2  15  12.5 
Albacore tuna salad (extra meat)  240  2  11  20.5 
Original Italian   260  1  23  17 
Cancro special  230  1  22  15 
Chipotle turkey  180  2  18  11 
California Dreamin’ (with extra meat)  50  0  12  0.5 
Meatball and cheese   520  13  27  21 

Salad options 

Salad type  Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Mike’s salad  60  13  3  3 
Mike’s salad (with chicken)  260  13  42  5 
Feta salad  140  17  8  5 
Feta salad (with chicken)  340  17  47  9 
Chef salad  250  16  25  10 

Salad dressings 

Salad dressing to try  Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Caesar   150  2  1  15 
Blue cheese  120  2  1  12 
Golden Italian   110  3  0  11 
Chipotle mayo  180  0  0  20 
Italian fat free  10  3  0  0 
Honey mustard  130  7  0  11 
Russian   160  4  0  16 
Ranch   120  2  0  12 
Thousand Island  100  8  0  7 
Balsamic Vinaigrette  150  3  0  15 


Depending on the time of day you go to eat, the soups will also changeHowever, they are not particularly friendly for your Keto diet, so you need to be careful that you do not consume them all the time. All soups are measured in cups unless stated otherwise. 

Also keep in mind that the safest drinks you can go for are the unsweetened types: water, Diet Pepsi, or unsweetened iced tea. 

Soup   Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Black bean and beef steak  140  21  10  2 
Broccoli cheese with florets  140  8  10  9 
Chicken jumbo  100  11  4  5 
Cream of broccoli  90  9  3  6 
Tomato bisque  90  11  1  4 
Barley and vegetable beef  90  11  5  3 
Fire roasted vegetable soup  60  10  4  0 
Minestrone   70  8  3  3 
Beef barley  110  13  6  4 
Broccoli cheese with florets bowl  210  12  6  14 
Cream of broccoli bowl  140  13  4  9 
Minestrone bowl  110  12  5  5 

What to avoid 

Most of the food that you will get here is Keto-friendly – but not everything is. That said, you should aim to avoid these three options: 

  • BBQ beef, since the sweet sauce is the culprit here. Has 38 net carbs. 
  • Teriyaki chicken cheesesteak, also due to the sweet sauce. 24 net carbs. 
  • Any breads, chips, flatbread or wraps that come with food.


Jersey Mike’s is among the friendliest Keto restaurants we have seen, so you will not have much trouble ordering from there. Just remember not to make it a habit to frequently eat out, and you will keep your diet as stable as possible. 

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