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Whether you are a history buff or not, it is impossible to say that 1989 was insignificant in world history. Not only that though – but also the Keto McAlister’s Deli opened its operations and started its services. Basing its beginnings in Mississippi, it’s beginning structure was a refurbished service station that was upgraded to a 1950s diner design, and later turned into a restaurant. 

The company has one vision – to give its customers healthy and fresh food, which is accompanied by very high hospitality standards. This has clearly resonated with many people, as the establishment now has more than 400 locations – impressive for a restaurant business that is less than 35 years old. 

The company is now known for giving people fresh food, with a strong emphasis on the favorites of each region, as well as great service. They have also gotten many awards over the years, and offer great offers for their regular customers. however, you might not be excited to go to this place, as it is a Deli after all – and Delis are among the last places you want to go to if you are on a Keto diet. 

Things to note 

Examine the nutritional information 

The website is the source of all the information you need on the nutrition value of the foods you are eating, while it also helps you know if your food is coming with sauce. After all, you will be customizing your order and you need to know what you are eating. 

The good news is that you can still enjoy your foods here. As their website has the nutritional information you require, you can still plan ahead – we even have some suggestions that can help you out. 

You are safer with vegetables and meats 

Regardless of the restaurant you visit, you will never go wrong with vegetables and meat – especially if you are on the Keto diet. The good news is Applebee’s has steamed broccoli and grilled shrimp or chicken, which you can combine to get the best low carb meal. 

If you find the restaurant is out of steamed broccoli for some reason, you can get a bed of lettuce that have vinegar and oil topping, then combine this with the grilled meat. If you want, you can then top this up with other low carb foods like bacon and cheese. 

SandwichesKeto McAlister’s Options

As with all other Keto options, you need to remove the bread from these sandwiches. 

Options to take  Net carbs  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Black Angus club (no horseradish Dijon, no bread)  4  26  32 
Grilled chicken club (no honey mustard, no bread)  5  22  27 
King Club (no honey mustard, no bread) – you can replace the honey mustard with spicy brown, as this has 0 carbs  9  37  54 
BLT & Avocado  7  49  16 
McAlister’s Club (no honey mustard, no bread) – contains vegetables, two cheeses and three meats.  5  25  27 
New Yorker (no bread) – comes with Swiss cheese, pastrami and corned beef  5  22  52 
Italian (no baguette)  8  38  39 
Memphian (no bread) – request for cheese, turkey and roast beef  5  27  39 



Options to eat  Net carbs  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Grilled chicken Caesar salad (without croutons) – includes dressings, and you can add some meat to make it more filling  6  68  44 
Caesar salad (no croutons, includes dressing)  3  66  14 
Savannah chopped salad (without cranberries and candied almonds) – does not include dressing  10  10  38 
Garden salad (no croutons or dressing)  9  20  18 
McAlister’s chef salad (without croutons) – comes with greens, ham, bacon, and turkey  12  25  38 
Italian chopped salad (without dressing)  12  42  33 
Garden salad with tuna (request for no tomatoes, croutons, cucumbers and dressing)  12  37  45 
Grilled chicken salad (without croutons) – comes with bacon, cucumbers and tomatoes  12  23  49 
Southwest Cobb salad (without corn relish or tortillas, includes guacamole)  12  27  48 



Some of the salads we have mentioned above come with no dressing, and you might want to add some extra zest to it. However, as a Keto dieter, you can understand that salad dressings are very tricky to handle because of the carbs. 

Many of the choices you will find on the menu have hidden sugars. However, these three options can sort you out and help you avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Options   Net carbs  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Bleu cheese  3  48  3 
Ranch   3  33  3 
Caesar   3  60  3 


Soups and sides you can try 

These are not the first thing you pick when you are on a Keto diet because of how many restaurants make their soups. However, the ones here are different, as they do not use thickening ingredients as much, and you can add some sour cream, bacon, cheese, jalapenos or green onions, which make your soup interesting without adding unnecessary carbs. 

On the other hand, the sides that you can take are the steamed broccoli and pickle spear, as the others have too many carbs that you would get in the rest of your meal. 

Soups and sides, and what they include/should not include  Net carbs  Fat (g)  Protein () 
Cup of Fire roasted vegetable. includes a variety of flavorful vegetables  9  0  4 
Cup of Broccoli cheddar – request for no saltines  11  17  9 
Cup of Chicken tortilla – pass the tortilla strips  13     
Cup of Traditional chili – includes some Keto-friendly meats  12  24  20 
Steamed broccoli  3  6  3 
Pickle spear  0  0  0 


What to drink 

The best options for you are the diet soda, coffee, water and tea. The sweet tea is risky if you have consumed other carb-foods, so you can opt for the unsweetened version – plus you get refills for free. However, make sure to avoid the ‘unsweetened’ lemonade tea; that is a bad decision to make on a Keto diet because it is full of carbs. 


Final thoughts 

When you are on Keto, you can enjoy yourself once in a while when you decide to eat out. However, always keep in mind that you might not enjoy all the offerings here, because there are some elements of their food that are not exactly the best quality – so avoid eating it on a regular basis. 

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