If you are on the Keto diet or low-carb diets in general at Keto Trader Joe’s , you know very well that snacks are a major problem you experience on a regular basis. Many of the snacks present on the shelves today are high in carbs, hidden sugars and preservatives, which can quickly reverse the progress you have made in shedding those pounds.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, and it comes in the form of Trader Joe’s. People love them so much, they have literally become one of the most popular grocery stores in the United States, and will make your low-carb snacking so much easier, as they have a variety of tasty snacks available.

While they had their famous low-carb tortillas, these were unfortunately discontinued – all part of the company’s policy of letting some items go to introduce others. They do have great alternatives available, just in case you are looking for them – here are some of those options.

Snack choice and serving Calories Fat (g) Protein (g) Carbs (g)
Riced cauliflower, 2/3 cup 25 0.5 2 4
Riced broccoli, 1 cup 35 0 2 6
Riced cauliflower stir fry, 1 cup 50 2 2 7
Shredded mild cheddar cheese, ¼ cup 110 9 7 0
Manzanella olives, per 5 olives (half a pack) 25 2.5 0 <1
Almond butter, creamy, per 2 Tbsp. 190 17 7 7
Organic sesame coconut seeds, 1/3 container 120 9 2 8
Unexpected cheddar cheese, 1 ounce 120 10 7 0
Turkey burger, per 1 burger 180 10 22 0
Organic broccoli slaw, 1¼ cup 25 0 2 5
Kale chips, ½ container 150 9 6 11


Riced broccoli and riced cauliflower Keto Trader Joe’s 

When it comes to ricing your own vegetables, things can get really messy really fast. It becomes even worse if you do not have your own food processor, because the process becomes really hard.

These riced cauliflower and broccoli packages come in to save the day, as they make the process easier on your end. For instance, the cauliflower rice is a great low carb alternative for rice when you are making tacos, curries or stir-fries. Both of them are good for increasing your intake of fiber, which makes you feel fuller for longer.

Riced cauliflower stir fry

This is another easy choice to buy and make in your home, as you will only take six minutes to heat it – yet it gives you the feel of being made from scratch. Thanks to the low carb count, you can eat several cups without feeling guilty that you are taking in too many carbs.

The fiber count of each cup is 2g, which is good news if you are going low carb, because the absence of whole grains on a low carb diet corresponds with low fiber intake.

Shredded mild cheddar cheese

If you love your cheese, then this is an excellent low-carb choice. It is so versatile, you can put it on almost anything – salads, tacos, omelets, frittatas, chilies, homemade pizza, and all other foods you can think of.

Pro tip though: always go for the sharpest tasting cheese flavor you can get, which will allow you to get the maximum flavor without using too much cheese.

Olives pitted Manzanilla olives Keto Trader Joe’s 

If you are looking forward to adding extra flavors to your protein dishes without the addition of carbs, then olive tapenade and olives themselves are a great way of accomplishing that. If you happen to be in a hurry, you can just add them to your lettuce wraps with sliced cucumbers and turkey to get a low carb snack that is rich in protein.

Cream almond butter

One of the sacrifices you ultimately make when going on a low-carb diet is your favorite peanut butter – but this creamy almond butter is a worthy alternative. It also works well when you want to dip vegetable sticks, for use in smoothies, or even in stir fries.

The creamy almond butter this store offers is a more affordable option compared to other almond butters, and it also maintains high quality – adding nutrients such as riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. In addition, you do not get hidden or additional sugars with this one.

Organic sesame coconut seeds

If you are in need of some nutty goodness in your life, any seed-based product will really hit the sweet spot. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the calorie count, as some nuts and seeds have very high calorie count – so you need to watch the sizes of portions. For a case like this, it is best to use them as ingredients in stir-fry foods or salads, which will help control how much you eat.

Unexpected cheddar cheese

Just as the name suggests, the low carb cheese selection of this store is unparalleled – something you will struggle to find in most supermarkets. If you need something to use in your bread, or just as a topping for your salads, pizzas and other foods, then you can use this product guilt-free.

Turkey burgers

If you are looking for a meat source of lean protein (aside from steak or chicken), then these turkey burgers will do the trick. You can choose to defrost them and crumble them, and also combine them with bowls of cauliflower rice, stir fries or soups. In addition, you will need to increase the protein you take when you reduce your carb intake to feel full, and this will go a long way in helping you to achieve that.

Organic broccoli slaw

This is the ultimate combination of coleslaw salad and pasta – it actually is a great alternative to zucchini noodles. The consistency is similar to that of actual spaghetti, and it takes a short time to prepare.

Kale chips

These are a quick fix for when you need some salty, crunchy snacks. They are also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A.


While the tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s are gone, that does not mean you cannot scout for alternatives. These options can serve as great snacks, and they are easy to prepare – as well as adding great nutritional value.

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