If you are a person that likes to eat out a lot, and also want to pursue keto then you must think that you have a huge problem, right? Wrong.


At most of the famous chain restaurants you can still eat out, but of course not all kind of food they offer. In this blog post, we will talk about Keto Zaxby’s food you can eat.


Keto Zaxby's

Keto Zaxby’ Wings


If you are a wing addict, then don’t worry as for sure you can eat wings at Zaxby’s. Of course the traditional ones and with little to no sauce.


Traditional wings – 0g net carbs (without sauce)


With Sauces

Wimpy –  7g net carbs

Insane –  6g net carbs

Tongue Torch –  6g net carbs

Nuclear –  6g net carbs


Chicken Salad Sandwich

At least for me, this is the best option when I go to Zaxby’s. I am sure that many other Keto users feel the same. I love this chicken because it is made by only white-meat and also has additional tomato and lettuce. The chicken salad Sandwich also comes with fries, but you shouldn’t touch them at all if you even looked at them.

Note, that you should order it with no bread and mayo on the side, which comes in sandwich.

Chicken Salad Sandwich has a total of 440 calories, fat of 40g, carbohydrates 5g, and protein of 15g.  

You can find all this information on Zaxby’s Official site.


Dipping Sauces

You can order the dipping sauces with the following nutrition info which is for a cup.

Zestable (4g net carbs)

Ranch (2g net carbs)

Tongue Torch (3g net carbs)


Grilled Cobb Salad

You can also order the Grilled House Salad, but since it is not much different I am mentioning only one of them. Again, you can find the nutritional information on their main website.

I like Grilled Cobb Salad better because it has hard-boiled egg and bacon (2 new ingredients which make it very tasty compared to Grilled House Salad). As usual at Zaxby’s salads, it comes with onions and Texas Toast. That’s why you should cut them loose, both friend onions and Texas toast.

I like them to a company with blue cheese dressing which has only 2 net carbs. Note, that this side dish has 610 calories (which is pretty much for a salad), fat of 38g, protein 50g and carbohydrates of 7g. I know that is it not the best option for keto food, but at the Zaxby’s menu is a decent one.

It comes in handy especially when you want to change your variety of foods.



Here is a lot of other salads that come without Texas Toast and fried onions.

  • The House salad with grilled chicken (9 carbs)
  • The Caesar salad with grilled chicken (10 carbs) – if you remove parmesan cheese you can drop it from 4-6 carbs
  • Blue salad with blackened chicken (9 carbs) – (-2 carbs if you remove blue cheese)
  • Cobb salad with grilled chicken (10 carbs)
  • Chicken Salad (10 carbs)


Keto Friendly Sides

Side chicken salad – 3 net carbs

Side salad – 4 net carbs

4 chicken fingers – 10 net carbs

6 celery sticks –  1 gram


Keto Friendly Dressings At Zaxby’s

Little Ranch – 3 net carbs

Blue Cheese – 2 net carbs

Ranch – 2 net carbs

Mediterranean – 3 net carbs



As always you should stick to water, unsweetened ice tea, or diet soda.


Final Words 

As always, I suggest eating and cooking at home. However, if you need at all cost to go out and eat because of your friends invite or just to change your variety of foods Zaxby’s is a good option.

If you want to dive by yourself, check their nutritional guide and find out what kind of food you like you can eat.

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