When a person dives into Keto, he will have to adapt to many changes in his eating and drinking behavior. This also affects his body and mind during a short period of time. All of this happens because of the increasing levels of ketone in your body.

One of the most noted change is the urine smell. You can notice your urine having a stronger smell than usual. This is completely normal and actually good news. By many people, including me use this change as a fact that we finally are in ketosis.

Ketosis urine smell

Why does this happen? Ketosis urine smell

Ketosis urine smell happens because of your body removing ketones that are not necessary with the help of your kidneys.

There is also another case, that did not happen to me, but to some other people I know. Their urine color got darker than usual. This means that the person is dehydrated, so drinkings fluids with electrolytes is a must.

Also, there can be other cases, which can end up changing the color of your urine. That can be due to consuming substances, which one of the most common is riboflavin which makes the urine color much brighter.

While we spoke a lot about how to know if you’re in ketosis, I’ll dive further into other steps that you can notice if you are into ketosis.

Bad Breath: This change is also caused by the same ketones for the change we mentioned before. Urine smell.

I know that having bad breath is a bad sign for social life, but actually, that proves that you are into ketosis.

To avoid this you can brush your teeth often than regular and just make sure that you swallow sugar-free gum and not the usual ones.

Weight Loss: Many people join keto, just because of this purpose. Weight Loss.

Weight loss can also be a sign that you are finally into keto. You can have both short and long term weight loss.

Appetite abolishment: There have been numerous people who have reported that they are not as hungry as before after some time that they enter keto.

There is nothing proved what causes this, but there are rumors that ketones affect your brain to not be hunger.

The increase of Energy: Almost all of the people that start keto, they feel tired at the beginning. The explanation of that is because of the change in eating behavior. However, long-term ketosis members said that they don’t feel any foggy thoughts when they were into ketosis.

Once you first enter ketosis, then you will have no problems seeing the difference when you re-join it. It would be great if you could share some other changes you have noticed when you entered the keto diet.

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