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When you are on a diet, you want to eat out as few times as possible – because it is difficult to get a restaurant that will fit your nutritional needs Low Carb Burger King options. Among all the restaurants, Burger King might be the last place you would ever imagine getting a low-carb meal, but it is actually possible – if you know how to order. 

Burger King is among the largest fast food restaurants in the world in terms of the number of its locations, but it might be considered a shock when you discover how low-carb it can become. In fact, they have a comprehensive guide on their website that proves useful in situations such as these, when you need to know what you are ordering. 

What to keep in mind when ordering Low Carb Burger King Options

Side salads are great starters 

In case you are heading to Burger King for your lunch, mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack, make sure to start with their side salads (unless you have just eaten a homemade side salad). This will ensure you have taken care of your daily intake of minerals and vitamins, which will be rather difficult to find from your sandwich intake alone. 

You need to remember something though – order the salad without any dressing, and toss out any croutons that might come with your salad. One of the best salads you can choose is the garden side salad for instance, which has 2g of net carbs, 4g protein, 4g fat, and 60 calories. 

Choose bunless burgers instead 

You are in the home of burgers, but that does not mean you let go of your diet plan. Simply toss out or tell them you do not want the burger, and you are guaranteed a low-carb meal. In addition to removing the bun, you also want to avoid having sauces like BBQ or ketchup, since they have extra carbs you do not need. 

Certain burgers will have onion rings and fries that come with the order, so you will need to throw these out as well. 

For the easiest Keto-friendly option, you can try the bacon king sandwich. This specific type comes with cheddar cheese beef patties, and bacon. When you combine this with the salad, you will have a low carb meal. 

If you are worried that you will not be satisfied at the end, do not worry. If you remove the mayo, bun and ketchup, you will have a meal that measures 740 calories, and has 53g of protein, 57g of fat, and 3g of carbs. That alone is enough to sustain your body for quite a number of hours, which is great news. 

Consider getting a breakfast sandwich 

You might not know this, but the breakfast sandwiches in the food selection of Burger King are not as dense in their calorie count as the burgers – however, they will still meet the needs you have for your low-carb meals. In case you are in need of the mid-morning snack and do not have any, consider getting a breakfast sandwich, without the bread or bun. 

An instance is the fully loaded biscuit sandwich. This comes with sausage, cheese, eggs, bacon and ham. When you remove the bread, you get 380 calories, as well as 24g of protein, 29g of fat, and 3g of carbs. What makes their breakfast sandwiches great is that the egg is solid, so you can eat comfortably even without the bun. 

Check the nutrition calculator 

As with all fast food joints, it is best to be prepared when you are going to order your foods. Fortunatelytheir website has a nutritional calculator that you can use when you are seeking for their food choices. It will give you a comprehensive look at the nutritional information that each food has, and help you make a decision on the best food you can order that day. 

If you want to, you can customize your order, even if it is slightly. If you do not want the ketchup or bun, you can also calculate the nutritional information without the ingredients in question. 

In case you require extra filling, go for more cheese or ham 

Sometimes, it is understandable that the servings will not satisfy you because you are very hungry. That allows you to request for extra ham or cheese slices to all the meals you order to add some fat content and make the food more filling. 

Even though the charge for the extra might be more, it is definitely worth it to maintain the ketosis state of your body. 

Eliminate the sauce 

Sauces are generally a no-go zone when it comes to the Keto diet, and the same case applies to the Burger King Keto options. Dressings are also included here, and they are BBQ sauce, mayo, salad dressing, and ketchup. 

The reason why they are a bad idea on Keto is because they contain refined sugar and vegetable oils, which help to keep them for longer on the shelf and help them to taste better. If you need a condiment with your meals, it is better to get mustard, or request for extra cheese. 

Avoid the side dishes and condiments 

Burger King operates like a typical fast food joint, and you will likely be asked if you want a side or beverage to go with your meal. Here’s is our advice – just say no. none of the eateries’ side dishes have anything remotely Keto about them – they include onion rings, French fries, applesauce, pies, hash browns, and shakes. In terms of beverages, the iced tea is also sweetened, which is a bad idea.  

We know the idea of eating your food with salads is out of the question most of the time, but here you can try out their salads – just make sure to tell them you want it dry, or with vinegar and olive oil dressing. The salad also needs to be full of lettuce, as there is no other low-carb vegetable on the menu unfortunately. 

If you only find sweetened iced tea, you can instead ask for a cup of coffee with cream or stick to a bottle of water. 

Ideas on what to order 


Breakfast At Low Carb Burger King Options 

The standard breakfast platter you will get at Burger King will come with a butternut biscuit, hash browns, sausage patty, pancakes, eggs and syrup – in total, this makes up almost 120 carbs. However, you can still customize this and eat less carbs at the same time, although it might be at an extra cost. In fact, the inner foods comprising the burger do not have net carbs, as hard to believe as that may sound. Here are some worthwhile options that you can add: 

Breakfast option  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Scrambled eggs  1g  9  6 
Sausage patty  0g  7  15 
Cheese   1g  4  7 
American cheese  1g  4  4 
Bacon   0g  54  3.5 
Ham   0g  5  1 
Folded egg  2g  6  4 
Eggnormous burrito in a bowl (has no hash browns and tortilla)  2g  35  57 
Pain, black coffee  0g  0  0 

Sometimes, you might want a sandwich as an alternativeFortunately, you can get a few that are compatible with your diet (just remove the bun). They include:  

Sandwich  Net carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Fully loaded croissan’wich (no croissant)  3  23  28 
Fully loaded biscuit (with no biscuit)  3  24  29 
Double bacon breakfast sourdough King (with no bun)  3  19  21 
Double sausage breakfast sourdough king (with no bun)  3  30  47 
Ham, egg and cheese croissan’wich (no croissant)  2  12  8 
Sausage, egg and cheese croissan’wich (no croissant)  1  14  24 
King croissan’wich with bacon and sausage (no croissant)  2  20  33 
King croissan’wich with double sausage (no croissant)  2  28  43 

Dinner and lunch 

There are a few things you should keep in mind when ordering your dinner or lunch, which include:  

  • If you want extra fat in your food, the best sources to add are all cheese toppings. These include American cheese, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Swiss cheese, cheddar, feta, parmesan, and gruyere. All of them have high levels of saturated fat that is great for your diet, except the feta cheese. 
  • The chicken meals and meats in general will come with high-carb ingredients by default, so ask if these can be removed when you are making the order. 
  • The good thing about the dinner and lunch options is that they are interchangeable, so you can order them according to your preferences. Just make sure to hold the sauce and bread that comes with all these choices, as well as mayo, since it contains sugars and vegetable oil. 
Meal type  Meal variety  Net carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Chicken   Grilled chicken sandwich  0  37  16 
Salad   Garden side salad  2  4  4 
Burgers (you can add the onions and tomatoes if you wish to, or combine with the Garden Side salad)  Cheese and bacon whopper   2  27  46 
Whopper (no ketchup or bun)  2.5  20  36 
BBQ bacon whopper (no BBQ sauce or bun)  2  27  47 
Double whopper (no ketchup or bun)  <1  59  71 
Double Quarter pound king (no bun)  3  68  67 
Bacon king (no ketchup, bun)  3  54  75 
Bacon King Jr. (no bun, ketchup)  1  25  37 
Bacon double cheeseburger (no bun. ketchup)  <1  20  21 
Cheeseburger (no bun, ketchup)  <1  11  11 
Jalapeno King sandwich (no aloli, bread)  1  46  45 
Hamburger (no ketchup, bun)  0  9  8 

Toppings for your burgers 

Note that some of these toppings will cost you extra, although this will depend on location. They include: 

Toppings   Calories   Carbs (g)  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Mayonnaise   110  0  0  12 
Onion   0  >1  0  0 
Mustard   10  >1  0  0 
Lettuce   0  >1  0  0 
Two Pickles   0    0  0 
Tartar sauce   180  2  0  3 
Tavern sauce  90  1  0  1.5 
On strip of bacon  50  0  3  1.5 
One slice of tomato  5  1  0  0 


What you should avoid at Low Carb Burger King Options

Even though Burger King is a good choice for the occasional low carb eating session, there are plenty of foods that will not cut it when it comes to sustaining your diet. In addition, there are plenty of desserts and sides that might seem safe to eat, but they are unfortunately high-carb options 

We cannot exhaust all of them in this list below, but here are some of the many temptations that you will want to stay away from. 

Food type  What to avoid  Why 
Entrees   Chicken fries  The serving size is not enough for a proper meal, and each serving contains 17g of carbs (all thanks to the breadcrumbs in the recipe) 
Chicken nuggets  Every nugget you eat has two to three carbs 
Bunless crispy chicken sandwich  The chicken has breading, which contributes more than 20 carbs 
Crispy chicken salads  Just like the bunless crispy chicken, it has more than 20g carbs due to the breading 
Rodeo and steakhouse burgers  The BBQ sauce and onion rings contribute more than 20g carbs 
Condiments/Sides  Onion rings  Heavily breaded, and contribute more than 40g carbs 
Mozzarella sticks  The breading results in it giving 24g of carbs 
Sauces   Grape jam/Strawberry packet   
Breakfast syrup   
Honey mustard dripping sauce   
Barbecue dipping sauce   
Salad dressings  Ken’s Lite honey balsamic    
Ken’s Apple cider vinaigrette   
Ken’s Honey mustard dressing   
Other foods  Bagels   
Hash browns   
French fries   
Original chicken sandwich (unless you will avoid high-carb foods for the rest of your day)  48g net carbs 
Desserts  Chocolate chip cookies  24g net carbs 
Salted caramel shake  126g net carbs 
Chocolate fudge Sunday  47g net carbs 
Dutch apple pie  50g net carbs 
Vanilla soft serve cone  24g net carbs 
Vanilla hand spun shake  98g net carbs 
Beverages   Iced coffee  66g net carbs 


Final thoughts 

As you can see from the information above, Burger King is a good place for the occasional low-carb eating out day, as it has plenty of choices that will make you satisfied – at least for that day. Just make sure to exercise due diligence, and you will enjoy your meals at this restaurant Low Carb Burger King options. 

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