Qdoba has very delicious food. Actually, truth to be told is one of my favorite foods. When I was convinced that keto might be good for my health (and certainly is) the only thing that made me have seconds thoughts was that I had to give up from Qdoba (low carb qdoba).

So I asked around, did a lot of research on how I can eat burritos even on Keto. Luckily I found the solution.

In this post, we’ll go step by step on what kind of ingredients to avoid in order so you can still keep eating from Qdoba.

First off, you’ll have to avoid the tortillas, chips, rice, and beans — though you probably already knew that — as well as both the black bean and mango salsas.

Probably you already knew that you need to avoid at all cost chips, mango salsas, beans, tortillas, and rice while you are on keto.

Low Carb Qdoba Options

First Option – Taco salad in a bowl

Low Carb Qdoba

Note: This is Nutritional info from MyFitnessPal. You can find Nutritional info for almost every food out there.

This is one of my preferred options when I eat at Qdoba. It is served with lettuce, salsa, cheese, beans, fajita vegetable, sour cream and you can also add additional proteins upon your request.

Knockout Tacos Two-timer – (290 calories, 13g of total fat, 15g of protein). You should only eat the inside and flour tortilla and the crispy shell.

Knockout Tacos Mad rancher – (230 calories, 10g of total fat, 15g of protein). You should eat the inside only, and toss the shell.

Knockout Tacos The Gladiator – (280 calories, 17g of total fat, 17g of protein). Eat the insides only

Brown Rice. (170 calories, 2g of total fat, 4g of protein). This is a very spicy adobo brown rice

Check Nutrition On Your Own At Qdoba Website

As most restaurant chains, Qdoba also offers Nutrition Information for every food that they have on their menu.

Let’s take for example some food products and focus on the information that we need for keto.

Pork (80 calories, 2g of total fat, 10g of protein)

Steak (90 calories, 4g of total fat, 13g of protein)

Guacamole (80 calories, 4g of total fat, 0g of protein)

Chicken (170 calories, 8g of total fat, 22g of protein)

Cheese (170 calories, 13g of total fat, 10g of protein)

Chorizo (200 calories, 12g of total fat, 18g of protein)

Bacon (35 calories, 3g of total fat, 3g of protein)

Burrito (480 calories, 15g of total fat, 18g of protein)

Taco with beef  (220 calories, 12g of total fat, 15g of protein)

Foods That You Need To Avoid At Qdoba

Even though Qdoba does not have a dedicated menu for low-carb food like Jimmy Johns, there is still a small portion of food that could go well with keto too. However, most of the dishes should be avoided, and even the ones that you are trying to customize you need to be very careful as most of them include rice, corn, beans as their base ingredients. Here is a list of foods that you must avoid at all cast at Qdoba.

Queso Burrito with grilled steak whose ingredients are lettuce, rice, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, pinto beans. Calories at whopping 1285 and Fat of 55

3 Cheese Nachos which is served with ground beef, salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese. Calories vary from 930 to 1220.

Grіllеd Chісkеn Quеѕаdіllа with salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese. Calories 1095. Fat: 64

I always suggest my family and friends who are on Keto to avoid as much as they can to eat food outside, as much as they want they still can not be in control of the food like they are at home.

However, the life we live nowadays doesn’t always give us that option. So the best thing you can do is to do a lot of research at the food chains that are near you and select the best food that is keto friendly. This avoids you having embarrassing moments and taking a lot of time to choose the food. At least, that’s what I did and it turned out pretty well.


Another thing we didn’t mention on this blog post about Qdoba, is that you can watch your food being made live. I totally enjoy it, and actually learned to cook myself just by doing so.

I have become a self-proclaimed master as nowadays I avoid going to Qdoba as I have learned most cooking myself just by watching them. I actually enjoy it and I am more in control of the ingredients.

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