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If you are on a Keto diet, you are likely to be on the search for a great protein bar that serves as a good snack, and protein bars might seem like a great option to help you get going. Howevernot everything you see is good for you – with the same case applying for most protein bars. Many of them have ingredients that will kick your body out of the ketosis process, therefore reversing the gains you have already made in the quest to revamp your lifestyle. 

For you to know whether the Quest Hero bar is a good option, it is important to know what makes chocolate bars unique in the first place. in this article, we will do both, and see how the Quest Hero protein bar stacks up against similar protein treats – as well as whether it is worth your money. 

What is a protein bar? 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not have a clear definition on what they are, but there are several characteristics to keep in mind: 

  • Sufficient levels of protein that replicate small meals (usually 15 to 20g) 
  • Calorie and portion control 
  • More than 20 minerals and vitamins that are at ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ levels 
  • Small fat amounts to help you stay full 
  • Fiber that balances out carbs 

Therefore, even though these bars should not be your main meal source, they should give you the following benefits: 

  • Good protein levels – ideally 15 to 25g 
  • Satisfactory Carb and fiber counts – you want something with as few carbs as possible, but sufficient levels of fiber to help you stay full (at least 5g) 
  • Check the bar for sugar alcohols and sugars – these include glucose, agave, brown sugar, invert sugar, fruit juice concentrate. Honey, maple syrup, malt syrup, raw sugar, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, molasses, crystal dextrose, and evaporated cane juice. The bar must not contain more than 5g of any sugar or sugar alcohol, despite how good these names sound. 
  • Fat count – on a Keto diet, fats are the main energy source. Therefore, the bar must not have low-quality oils and fats such as corn, canola, peanut, soybean, Trans, or fully/partially hydrogenated fats. Higher quality fats that must be present include coconut butter, coconut, nut butters, ghee, and butter, and the fat count must be 5 to 10g at least. 

While this is a major issue, the good news is that most of the bars you will get are Keto friendly. You will need to carefully note the ingredients, so that you do not accidentally kick your body off ketosis. 

What else should you look for? 

  • Net carbs for every serving – in other words, how many carbohydrates does the entire bar contain? 
  • Net carbs in 100 calories – the serving sizes will change depending on the product you are eating and its net weight, so it is important to check the net carbs per 100 calories to see whether something is Keto friendly. As a general rule, the lower the ratio is, the higher fat the bar contains. 
  • Sugar content and hidden carbs – this is based on GI (Glycemic Index) and calorific values of the ingredients, especially the sugar alcohols and/or fibers. 
  • Nutrition density – look for those that have high nutrition count per calorie, similar to cauliflower and broccoli. 

Are Quest Hero bars Keto friendly? 

The website of the company states that their mission is ending diseases, and the overall nutrient count contains a maximum of 21g of protein, no unnecessary carbs or ingredients, and plenty of fiber. However, the truth is different though – not all Quest Hero bars actually meet the requirements of the Keto diet, although they will be fine if you are on a low carb diet. 

The ingredients are also largely unfriendly to Keto requirements, and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbs is not ideal. While they have done a great job at giving a low-carb alternative to the usual bar, it is not exactly the best pick. In contrast, a good Keto-friendly protein bar will only have a few ingredients, while placing emphasis on the individual ingredients used (so that you can clearly see the nutritional value). 

Quest bars do not fulfill the requirements due to their ingredient count. Most of the bars contain ingredients that include: 

  • Honey 
  • Dried berries 
  • Peanuts, preservatives (plenty of them) 
  • Sugar alcohols such as sucralose 
  • Palm kernel oil 
  • Whey protein 

What you should be going for are bars that have better ingredient quality that can support your Keto diet, and feature ingredients such as MCT oil. Coconut oil is also a good choice, as opposed to palm oil that is both bad for the environment and fails to support the Keto diet. 

An instance would be the Maple Waffle protein bar, which contains ingredients that include soluble corn fiber, protein blend (whey protein and milk protein), erythritol, almonds, water, butter, baking soda, sunflower lecithin and honey. When you examine it critically, you do not need the protein blend of milk and whey in a Keto diet, neither do you need the honey, soluble corn fiber (a derivative of corn), and sunflower lecithin. 

The best choice of bar would be the coconut cashew Keto barIt contains almonds, coconuts, stevia (for sweetening purposes), erythritol and cashews. It does not contain palm oil or any artificial sweeteners.  

Final thoughts For Quest Hero Bars Keto

Just because you are on the Keto diet, does not mean you can you can eat every protein bar that you see. Some of the famous bars are not helpful to your diet plans at all. When it comes to making a choice on the Quest hero bar, you are better off avoiding most of it.  

Overall, the quality of ingredients that are in use here should be better, so it is best to avoid eating the Quest Hero bars, and seek alternatives (these are quite many, so do not worry)You are better off looking for a bar that uses natural sweeteners and ingredients over artificial ones. 

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