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When I think of Shake Shack, it brings up images of food but presented in a fun way while remaining as tasty as ever. While that sounds appealing to a variety of people, it may not be the most comfortable option if you are on a Keto diet. however, just because you happen to be on this diet and removing all the high-carb foods you can think of from your diet, does not mean you must resign yourself to a life of eating tasteless food – you can enjoy the same things as everyone else, you just need to be more mindful of what you eat. 

The good thing about Shake Shack is that they have burgers on the menu. You might not know it, but one of the best aspects of the Keto diet is being able to enjoy eating burgers without guilt. The eatery itself started from humble beginnings but now stands among the largest restaurant chains in the United States. 

What makes Shake Shack so appealing though? Aside from its beginnings, it has proven itself to prioritize the use of healthy ingredients, the environment, and humane farming methods – and that means it does not accept the use of ingredients farmed using numerous antibiotics and hormones. You can even find information about the nutrient count of each of their foods on their website, although you cannot customize your orders. If you dig around their menu, you will eventually discover there are secret hacks, which you can use to order Keto-friendly and gluten-free burgers and foods. Read on to find out more on that. 

What to keep in mind when you order foods At Shake Shack keto

Always be prepared 

Fast food tends to be a spontaneous thing, and you do not plan in advance that you will go somewhere to eat (unless it is maybe a special occasion like a birthday). However, when you are dieting, always make sure to go prepared in advance.  

Even though the Shake Shack menu seems friendly to the Keto dieter due to the use of organic ingredients in the meal preparation, it is very easy to be distracted when making orders if you go in unpreparedEverything looks so tasty and temptingjust as you would get if you were to visit other restaurants.  

Breakfast is a great option regardless of the time of day 

When you get there, you can always order a dish that has egg and meat, and skip the starch components. For instance, a bacon and egg combination can work, even without the bun, or you can try their omelet that contains chicken, cheese and bacon. 

Try out some of the salads dry 

We know the idea of eating your food with salads is out of the question most of the time, but here you can try out their salads – just make sure to tell them you want it dry, or with vinegar and olive oil dressingThe salad also needs to be full of lettuce, as there is no other low-carb vegetable on the menu unfortunately. 

Make use of the nutrition calculator and ingredient list 

Use the nutrition calculator available on the website. While the eatery does not give you a chance to customize your orders much, you can stand a better chance of not eating impulsively and ruining your progress, since you already know the calories you are consuming.  

Count the macros 

The goal of most Keto dieting is to make the body stay in the ketosis process (burning fat instead of glucose). The best way to choose the best foods is visiting the nutritional guide and see the meals that fit in with your macro-nutritional needs. Note that at all times, the carb count must always be 5% or less of the total calories you consume, the protein at 20%, and the fat at 70 to 75%. 

However, if the goal is to consume a low carb diet, then you can consume anything without worrying too much about the numbers. 

Beware of the side dishes 

Be very careful about the side dishes. The coleslaw that comes with the fries, for instance, is a total 10g of carbs – not the best idea when you are trying to cut these foods. In addition, the other side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, and biscuits, are the worst choices to make when you are looking to reduce their intake. 

If possible, have your own drink 

Have your own drink with youWhile their selection is not half-bad, there are times you want to take a break from the limited options on offer here. There are a few Keto-friendly drinks and beverages just as the case with many other establishments, but make sure to also factor in any extra drinks you might need or want. For instance, having a bottle of water with you to wash your burger down, just in case you do not want the iced tea. 

Limit the alcohol intake 

There are some Shake Shack outlets that will offer alcoholic drinks, but you need to be careful with them so that you do not consume an overload of carbs. Check out their website and nutrition calculator, and do a rough estimation of the foods you will order if you are planning to order some wine – for the record, white wine is the safest option. 

Avoid the chicken 

In regards to the question of eating chicken from this restaurant, keep in mind it is not the best choice to make – all thanks to the chicken being fried. However, you can also eat two chicken pieces if you are following a low carb diet insteadIn addition, if you are avoiding consuming gluten, that is not a good choice because of the bread. 

What are some Keto-compliant foods you can order here? 


When it comes to this eating establishment, they will never fool around with their foods – they use 100% Angus beef, with no antibiotics and hormones. That means you are not pumping chemicals into your body ad risking your long term health. 

In fact, the burger itself does not have net carbs, as hard as that may sound. You just order yours without the bun, also called ‘protein-style’, and you will not have to waste the carbs that come with it. There are a number of burger options you can get, which include: 

Burger type  Fat (g)  Protein (g)  Net carbs 
Hamburger, double  38  42  0 
Hamburger, single  21  24  0 
Cheeseburger, double  49  49  1 
Cheeseburger, single  26  28  1 
Bacon cheeseburger, double  54  56  1 
Bacon cheeseburger, single  31  35  1 
ShackBurger, double  60  49  2 
ShackBurger, single (has cheese-based sauce and mayo, and is a favorite of many)  37  28  2 
SmokeShack, double   65  56  2 
SmokeShack single (has cherry peppers, a bacon cheeseburger, and the trademark Shake Shack sauce)  42  35  1 

Toppings you can try 

Toppings   Net carbs  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Lettuce   0  0  0 
ShackSauce (the signature sauce)  0  11  0 
Cherry peppers  0  0  0 
Two slices of Applewood smoked bacon  0  5  7 
Pickles   1  0  0 
Tomato   1  0  0 
Cherry peppers  0  0  0 
Cheese   1  4  4 
Onions   1  0  0 


The good thing about the meat from this restaurant is that you will not find a lot of artificial chemicals in them, and the same applies to the chicken option. However, you will be disappointed to find there are no grilled options, as all the chicken is breaded.  

This will therefore be a hard pass – unless you can bear removing the breaded parts (which is very difficult since it is so tempting). 

Hot dogs and add-ons 

This is among the few solid places that you can get a great hot dog and eat it without feeling guilty – it even got its beginnings through the sale of fresh hot dogs. The meat used in this instance is 100% Vienna beef (all natural), as well as being free of antibiotics. The meat is also crispy, griddled, and split, making it a highly worthwhile option when you need a quick fix in more ways than one.  

These options include: 

Hot dog variety  Fat (g)  Protein (g)  Net carbs  
Hot dog   15  16  1 
Shack-cago Dog (this one comes with a variety of vegetables that include tomatoes, onions, and pickle relish)  20  16  5 
Chicken dog (you will need to be careful about the apple used here, but the rest of the ingredients are great)  11  20  3 

In case you have a need to add some extra condiments on your hot dog, you do not need to go for the sauces. The best options you have are the Rick’s Picks Shack Relish (0g protein and fat, 2 net carbs), and the Cheese sauce (2g protein, 4g fat, 1 net carb). 

Breakfast options At Shake shack keto

The good news with the Shake Shack Keto options is the ease you will have in ordering their breakfast choices. They incorporate a wide variety of ingredients that are friendly for the Keto dieter, which include cheese, bacon, eggs, and sausage. Just ensure you skip the bun, and you will be fine. 

Note that the sausages are pork, and all-natural, while the eggs are cage-free. Here is a rundown of all the choices you have here. 

Breakfast pick  Net carbs  Protein (g)  Fat (g) 
Cheese and egg breakfast sandwich (you can double the egg without extra carbs)  1  17 to 23  13 to 20 
Bacon breakfast sandwich (without the bun, and add an egg)  1  24 to 30  18 to 25 
Sausage breakfast sandwich (without the bun, and an extra egg)  3  28 to 34  29 to 36 


You can go for the classic drinks like unsweetened iced tea, water, iced or hot coffee, and diet soda (this should only be among your last resorts). In addition, you can also find wine in certain Shake Shacks, with red wine having 4 net carbs and white wine 3 net carbs. Among the alcoholic beverages you will find, these are your best bet. 

Foods to avoid 

Chances are, you will find a surprising list of things on this listThey might seem friendly and harmless, but are packed with carbs you likely have no idea about. According to an interview with a nutritionist, the following findings were gotten: 

Food   Reasons why 
Griddled chick’n’club sandwich  To understand why, it is important to note that the beef and chicken sandwiches you will get here have roughly the same amounts of fat, thanks to the grilled chicken sandwich incorporating bacon. What makes it a poor choice is the amount of sodium (1340mg), which is bad news not just for Keto dieters, but adults in general. Too much sodium levels will raise your blood pressure and lead to weight gain, so you are better off eliminating this one from your list. 
Pork sausage  While the chicken dog, hot dog and sausage links are great choices, the pork sausage is a sodium bomb and has the highest calories among all the hot dog varieties.  
Fries   You are better off eating the regular fries, but even then, they are not exactly the best option for your diet. The fancy choices that include chili, bacon, and cheese, will have double the fat on top of the starch they already have – a bad idea for the Keto dieter. 
Chili foods  This has high amounts of sodium (1320mg), zero grams of fiber, and only six grams of protein. This is a complete contrast to homemade chili that has plenty of protein and fiber. 
Certain concretes – they are the Miso huckleberry hazelnut Blondie, chocolate cloud cookie, and maple bacon donut  Very high carb, calorie and sugar content. 


Final thoughts 

Keto dieting is not as burdensome as other diets, because you are free to eat a variety of foods. The only key to apply here is exercising as much caution as possible, since not all things will be good for you – and also paying attention to the carbs. Shake Shack is great, but like other restaurants, some of their offerings are high in sodium and calories, and should be avoided as much as possible. 

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