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Let us be honest – snacking while you are on the Keto diet is tedious, because of two reasons: most snacks have a high amount of carbs and hidden sugars, and second is you have cut out most carb foods from your diet. This also applies to protein bars (Think thin bars for Keto), even those that are marketed as ‘healthy’; many of them can kick your body out of ketosis if you are not careful with selecting them. 

One of these unfortunate products is Think Thin protein bars, which are disappointing in terms of helping your body stay on ketosis. Luckily, there are plenty of other alternatives you can consume, which we will outline in this article. Before we begin though, it is important to know why Think Thin protein bars are a bad idea if you happen to be on a Keto or low carb diet. 

Why Think thin bars for Keto is generally a bad idea 

For you to understand the reasons why, it is important to know what protein bars are all about. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not have a clear definition on what they are, but there are several characteristics to keep in mind: 

  • Sufficient levels of protein that replicate small meals (usually 15 to 20g) 
  • Calorie and portion control 
  • More than 20 minerals and vitamins that are at ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ levels 
  • Small fat amounts to help you stay full 
  • Fiber that balances out carbs 

Therefore, even though these bars should not be your main meal source, they should give you the following benefits: 

  • Good protein levels – ideally 15 to 25g 
  • Satisfactory Carb and fiber counts – you want something with as few carbs as possible, but sufficient levels of fiber to help you stay full (at least 5g) 
  • Check the bar for sugar alcohols and sugars – these include glucose, agave, brown sugar, invert sugar, fruit juice concentrate. Honey, maple syrup, malt syrup, raw sugar, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, molasses, crystal dextrose, and evaporated cane juice. The bar must not contain more than 5g of any sugar or sugar alcohol, despite how good these names sound. 
  • Fat count – on a Keto diet, fats are the main energy source. Therefore, the bar must not have low-quality oils and fats such as corn, canola, peanut, soybean, Trans, or fully/partially hydrogenated fats. Higher quality fats that must be present include coconut butter, coconut, nut butters, ghee, and butter, and the fat count must be 5 to 10g at least. 

Why Think thin bars for Keto is bad 

This particular brand uses Maltitol, a sugar alcohol used in many sugar-free products. The downfall it has is the high Glycemic Index, or GI – which means that it will spike your blood sugar and cause a lot of distress in your stomach due to bloating. The GI amounts to 36, which is more than half of what table sugar contains, and contributes to the hidden carbs this bar contains. 

It also happens to be low in the nutritional density department, making them very easy to overeat if you are not careful. Here is a short nutritional breakdown: 

  • Calories – 240 
  • Sugar – 0g 
  • Fat – 9g 
  • Total carbs – 23g 
  • Sugar alcohol – 21g 
  • Fiber – 1g 
  • Protein – 20g 
  • Net carbs – 1g 

Based on the figures, you can see that the Maltitol is at very high levels, which may seem like the product is low carb – but it really isn’t. Instead, the levels raise your blood sugar, increasing the chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes.  

Keto-friendly Alternatives to Think Thin bars 

There are better products you can consume and still taste good. They include: 

Protein bar  Calories   Fat (g)  Carbs (g)  Protein (g) 
KIND Protein crunchy peanut butter  250  18 (4g saturated)  17 (8g sugar, 5g fiber)  12 
Luna protein mint chocolate  170  5 (3g saturated)  21 (13g sugar, 2g fiber)  12 
Epic smoked maple bacon  150  10 (4g saturated)  7 (5g sugar, <1g fiber)  8 
GoMacro protein paradise  260  11 (2g saturated)  30 (10g sugar, 1g fiber)  11 
Rise Bar lemon cashew  260  13 (2.5g saturated)  23 (12g sugar, 1g fiber)  15 
22 Days Nutrition Salted Caramel  150  3.5 (1g saturated)  20 (4g sugar, 9g fiber)  16 

KIND Protein peanut butter  

Thanks to the crunchy peanuts and creamy nut butter, you get your sufficient dose of protein and fiber that aids digestion and keeps you full. 

LUNA Protein mint chocolate chip 

The bar is gluten-free and comes with real mint chocolate. That allows you to maintain your body goals while eating it, and also eliminate annoying hunger pangs that may come along your day. 

Epic bar smoked maple bacon 

If you are on Keto, you know the importance of adding some bacon in your diet – it is the perfect chance to add protein and fat to your meals. This bar is gluten-free, and the bacon comes from hormone-free pork. Eat one bar after your workouts to rebuild your body. 

GoMacro protein paradise 

Great protein bars can be tasty too, and this is the perfect example of that. The duo of organic pea protein and organic sprouted brown rice protein is great for vegetarians too, and the flax seeds and cashew nuts give a healthy dose of fats and omega-3s. 

Rise bar lemon cashew 

This bar is made up of four very simple ingredients, and it has a similar taste to lemon shortbread – so that alone should inform you of how good it is. The ingredients are lemon extract, coconut nectar, organic cashews, and pea protein. 

22 Days Nutrition salted caramel 

This is among the best protein bars on this list. The protein blend includes creamy almond butter, brown rice protein, MCT-filled coconut oil, stevia and a touch of molasses for that sweet touch. 

Final thoughts 

Just because you are on the Keto diet, does not mean you can you can eat every protein bar that you see. Some of the famous bars are not helpful to your diet plans at all, instead reversing the gains you have made in ketosis, with the Think thin bars for Keto  being a good example of one that contains too much-hidden carbs and sugars. 

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