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You might be hearing of the name Whataburger Keto and think it is among the new eating franchises that have popped up in recent years, but you will actually be surprised to find out it has been in existence since the 1950s. It is only based in the Southern states, but the home is considered to be Texas – which is why there seems to be a Whataburger on all corners of the state.

If you happen to know a person from Texas, they will assure you the burgers from this restaurant are tasty and huge – they even have a solid breakfast menu, as they are open from 11 PM to 11 AM every day. The only disadvantage here is that it is not exactly Keto-friendly, although you can still find something worthwhile here.

Tips for ordering with Whataburger Keto

Here are our tips on eating Keto style for those emergency situations you might find yourself in.

Stick with the burgers

While the options can be overwhelmingly tempting, the best tip you can use is sticking with the burger and hold the sauce and bun. There are quite a few options for your burger, which is a good thing. There are even some great Keto-friendly toppings, which include cheese, bacon and avocado. What is even more appealing is that all Whataburgers you order will come with diced onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and mustard.

They also have a selection of sandwiches that you can try, including the great avocado bacon burger, but you will need to ask them not to put sauce. The mustard is safe since it has the seeds and spices, although you won’t want to make it a habit as some generic brands have food preservatives.

Get their side salads

Since getting most vegetables on a Keto diet is a no-no, it is easy to get deficiencies in certain nutrients. For this reason, it is best to eat as much as possible when you go out, especially through side salads.

The establishment has two kinds. First, there is the cranberry and apple chicken salad, which is fine except the apples and cranberries. The other is the side garden salad, which is the better option and contains carrots, romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomatoes – although you will want to eat it dry.

Being aware of hidden milk and breading

There are a number of chicken and fish sandwiches you will see on the menu, but they are breaded – so you should avoid them. In case you decide to get chicken sandwiches, make sure to request for grilled chicken.

There are also cases of hidden milk in their eggs, as they make them fluffy and soft by adding non-fat milk. Make sure to keep this mind when getting a breakfast sandwich from them – especially considering that numerous restaurants do this.

What should I order at Whataburger Keto?

One of the good things that goes for Whataburger is their opening hours, which are the entire day and night. That allows you to have a snack or meal any time you need it or when you are in a rush. We have summarized all the options for you below:


Suggestions for ordering What to eat What to avoid
Taquito with cheese Sausage or bacon, the inside parts Potatoes, flour tortilla
Biscuit sandwich The biscuit
Breakfast on a bun The bun
Egg and cheese biscuit The biscuit
Breakfast platter Double order of meat or bacon No biscuit or hash browns
Biscuit with sausage or bacon The biscuit
Jalapeno cheddar biscuit The biscuit


What to order Components to avoid
Grilled chicken sandwich Zesty Whatasauce and the bun
Grilled chicken melt The bun
Chicken fajita taco Flour tortilla
Justaburger The bun
Cranberry and apple chicken salad The dressing (ask for oil and vinegar instead or eat it dry), the cranberries and apples

Dinner choices

The dinner options might seem limited, but the safest solution is to order any of the burgers we will mention below and get a side salad with it – preferably no dressing. You can also double your cheese, meat or bacon servings, just in case you happen to be very hungry. The best news though – Whataburger have fresh avocado in plenty, so never be afraid to ask for some if you want it.

When you are ordering a burger, just make sure to ask them to hold the sauce and bun, and request them to put a lettuce wrap instead.

What to order Components to avoid
Whataburger The bun
Triple and double meat Whataburger The bun
Cheese and Jalapeno Whataburger The bun
Cheese and bacon Whataburger The bun
A1 thick and hearty burger The bun or A1 sauce
Double meat Whataburger Jr. and Whataburger Jr. The bun
Avocado bacon burger Creamy pepper sauce and toast
Sweet and spicy bacon burger Spicy and sweet pepper sauce, the bun
Monterey melt The bun, ranch sauce
Whataburger patty melt The bun, creamy pepper sauce
Chop house cheddar burger The bun, creamy steak sauce
Green chili double The bun

What should I avoid?

Keep in mind that even though you can customize the foods available at this eatery, there are others you cannot modify even if you wanted to. They either have too many carbs that will sabotage your progress, or the cheap ingredients and additional sugars they have are unavoidable. These are what we will mention in this section.

Food to avoid The ingredients it contains
Chorizo taquito Non-fat milk, hydrogenated soybean oil, white corn flour
Honey butter chicken biscuit Everything about it is non-Keto
Pancake platter The flour batter, cooking in hydrogenated vegetable oil
Biscuits and gravy
Honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich
Hash brown sticks
Cinnamon rolls
Chicken bites and strips These are fried
Grilled cheese
Apple slices
All the cookies and buns that come with burgers
French fries
Onion rings
Whatacatch (this is a fish burger)
Apple slices
Sweetened beverages and shakes
Whatachick’n sandwich (unless you specify that you get it with grilled chicken) Contains the bun and savory sauce

Final thoughts

You likely not have a chance to go to a Whataburger eatery close to you unless you are based in the southern states. However, if you do, it will give you a chance to enjoy low-carb snacks at any time of the day.

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